Barnstorm 2016 Schedule

See Us At The Following Venues :
2/14/16, TBA, The Cove, Lancaster NY

              w/ Rachel Galati
2/21/16,12N,Kissing Bridge Ski Resort,

             Glenwood NY, w/ Rachel Galati

2/27/16, 8P, Hidden Valley Lodge, 
              Varysburg NY                
3/5/16, 8P, Hamburg Gaming Casino
3/23/16, 7P, Armor Inn, Hamburg NY
3/26/16, 7P, Colden Lakes Resort
               Colden NY
4/2/16, 8P, Tombstones, West Falls NY
4/9/16, 8P, Hidden Valley Lodge, 
               Varysburg NY  
6/1/16, 7P, Armor Inn, Hamburg NY

6/25/16, 6P Sardinia Town Park,

                Chaffee NY
7/12/16,7P, Cheektowaga Senior Ctr.

7/30/16... Private Affair

8/10/16, 7P, Armor Inn, Hamburg NY
10/19/16, 7P, Armor Inn, Hamburg NY
12/21/16, 7P, Armor Inn, Hamburg NY

More TBA

Past Dates:

1/16/16, Tombstones, West Falls NY

1/19/16 Private Affair

1/30/16 Hamburg Gaming Casino







about us...

BARNSTORM COUNTRY BAND was established in 2013 consisting of 5 members, all with many years of experience and accolades. The band is focused and is dedicated to provide the best entertainment experience for its audience. BARNSTORM COUNTRY BAND prides itself on presenting current and classic country music with both male and female lead vocals with complex vocal harmonies. BARNSTORM COUNTRY BAND provides a solid, danceable driving rhythm section and versatile guitar and keyboards accompaniments. BARNSTORM COUNTRY BAND is committed to provide a upbeat, "A" class, live musical and dancing entertainment experience that all country music fans will appreciate and enjoy.

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Please Note: ​The Barnstorm Country Band is pleased to announce their collaboration with the vocal talent of Rachel Galati. Rachel hails from Gowanda NY. Her most current experiences include IronLace, a Jimmy Buffett tribute band and a solo/duet project. Rachel will join us 2/14 at the Cove and also on 2/21 at Kissing Bridge. Welcome aboard Rachel! 

Also Note:  Barnstorm drummer John Pitarresi will be taking a temporary leave of absence from performing with the Band. During his absence the Band is pleased to announce that drummer Mike Salamone will be joining the Band until John's return. The Band looks forward to working with Mike. He brings many years of experience and accolades from numerous WNY bands. Barnstorm appreciates his focus and enthusiasm. Welcome Mike!


Barnstorm-Welcome to Barnstorm Country!